Green Reading This Week: New Years Edition

Full CalendarHappy New Year! Green Reading is back with some new years articles. Here’s a suite of predictions as well as a few articles on a key theme: the reach of data and the internet into every aspect of our lives, especially energy, in 2013. Continue reading

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Green Reading This Week: On Energy Efficiency, Natural Gas and Politics

In this week’s Green Reading, Newsweek’s Green Rankings, Energy Efficiency, Natural Gas and a little Politics. Great pre-debate reading if you want to beef up on energy markets and policy before it kicks off tonight.

Politics up front: 

Obama and Romney, Oil and Science – Dot Earth blog
Facts, figures and follow-up from the last debate

Q&A: Back to the Future with Environmental Bipartisanship - Green Blog @ NYT
Q&A with Rob Sisson, the president of ConservAmerica, and David Yarnold, the president of the National Audubon Society, about their new alliance’s efforts to find common ground and give Republicans “cover” and a base of support when they seek to discuss habitat, climate or pollution.

Climate Change: Will Presidential Candidates Pass the Brick Wall Test? – Huffington Post Green
The Executive Director of the Global Campaign for Climate Action on the key question to key in mind when (if?) candidates debate climate change

Second Presidential Debate: Who Won on Energy? – National Geographic
They are running a pole over at National Geographic’s blog. Obama is leading by quite a bit!

Natural Gas:

After the Boom in Natural Gas – New York Times
Fascinating read on the impact financing structures have had on natural gas prices

Why There’s No Such Thing as Cheap Gas - Huffington Post Green
Why gas isn’t cheap on our wallets or the environment

Gas Prices Could Drop by 50 cents by November. Unrelated: Gas Production is Up - Grist
Yet another good explanation of what actually drives energy prices. (Hint: it’s not domestic gas production)

Fracking’s Dark Side Gets Darker: The Problem of Methane Waste  - NRDC Blog
Great post on the wastefulness of fracking, including links to more reading on the topic

Energy Efficiency: 

Newsweek’s 2012 Green Rankings: This Time It’s Serious – Green Biz
Joel Makower makes the point that this is the first time the rankings have used consistent methodology, allowing year over year comparison and draws some conclusions.

Raise the Voltage in the Energy Debate – Huffington Post Green
An analysis of the candidates policies (including calling out energy efficiency as missing component #1 from Romney’s plan!)

Benchmarking Drives 7% Cut in Building Energy – Greentech Media
EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager releases its latest data

How Collaboration Can Keep Clean Tech Going - GigaOm
How big companies like GE play a role in overcoming the ecosystem challenges inherit in widespread adoption of green technologies.

Green Reading This Week: On Climate Change in the Presidential Debates, Clean Energy Investments and the Power of Facebook

This week I’ve included a fact-checking round-up from previous debates in preparation for tomorrow night, a great article on the potential power in Facebook to engage a billion consumers in energy efficiency, and some recent articles on clean energy investment. Happy Monday! Continue reading