Green Reading This Week: Roundup

There have been some great pieces from more mainstream media outlets over the past few weeks (including some long form writing) and I thought it deserved a green reading roundup. Read on:

Green Reading This Week

If Carbon Markets Can’t Work in Europe, Can They Work Anywhere? – Time Magazine

Smart Power: Why More Bytes Will Mean Fewer – and Cleaner – Electrons – Time Magazine

Using Big Data to Shrink Energy Waste – Time Magazine

Carbon Concentrations Set to Hit a Record Level of 400 ppm - Time Magazine

In Two-Way Charging, Electric Cars Begin to Earn Money from the Grid – New York Times

How to Charge Millions of Electric Cars? Not All At Once – New York Times

Nest’s Plan to Stop Brownouts Before They Start - Wired


Green Reading This Week: Earth Day Edition

Reading This Week

Today is the 43rd Earth Day – and one that the media generally reported was not well reported on, but I did manage to round up some great articles from around the web for this week’s green reading. For fun facts, cool perspectives and straight up awkward takes on Earth Day, read on:

This Date in Science: Why Celebrate Earth Day on April 22? – EarthSky
Spoiler alert: it used to be arbor day, which is the origin of the tradition of planting trees on Earth Day

Earth Daze: What Happened to the Environmental Movement? – Time Magazine
For a broader perspective

Earth Day? This Year Aim for Earth Week - Fox News (editorial note: trying not to act surprised)
For practical tips on having an impact beyond just Earth Day

And on a lighter note…
Awkward Things to Do on Earth Day – Awkward List Blog
Just discovered this blog. Totally obsessed.


Blogging Here and There

I have been neglecting A Girl in Motion a bit lately, partially because I’ve started blogging at EnerNOC‘s new thought leadership community, EnergySMART. You can read what I’ve been writing lately on the EnergySMART blog. Please leave a comment and engage in the growing community of energy thought leaders over at our new site.

In the meantime, I’ll be picking back up A Girl in Motion and continuing to blog over at EnergySMART, so please stay tuned to both!