Green Reading This Week: New Years Edition

Full CalendarHappy New Year! Green Reading is back with some new years articles. Here’s a suite of predictions as well as a few articles on a key theme: the reach of data and the internet into every aspect of our lives, especially energy, in 2013.

Some 2013 energy industry predictions:

13 energy data start-ups to watch in 2013 – GigaOm
Stem, OPower, AutoGrid, Nest, Viridity, EcoFactor, Bidgely, Space-Time Insight, PlotWatt, WegoWise, Retroficiency, GridNavigator, Honest Buildings

13 green business predictions for 2013 – GreenBiz
My favorites:
The electric car revolution will get deferred again
The battle for a power sector decarbonization target will reach fever pitch
Carbon reporting will be pushed up the agenda, making energy efficiency an ever more attractive investment
Corporate sustainability budgets will increase modestly as green ambitions grow
Obama will have to decide whether to join the climate battle

Verge Ahead: 7 Trends to Watch in 2013 - GigaOm

1. Rise of Machines to Machines
2. Platforms to accelerate energy efficiency
3. Cities push data transparency for energy use
4. Green Button in an app-centric world
5. Electrifying fleets and EV car sharing
6. Can renewable energy gain ground?
7. Cities 2.0 and economic revitalization

A key prediction for 2013 is the reach of data and the internet into more industries and aspects of our lives:

How SAP and cities are boosting innovation through open data – GreenBiz
CIOs were brought together by SAP to mark the U.S. launch of the software giant’s Urban Matters program, which aims to help municipal governments “deliver better-run cities” by opening up data streams for citizens and business to tap into.

ZipCar, Google, Cars and the inevitability of the internet – GigaOm
“If there is going to be one theme for 2013, then it is the inevitable march of technology (and the Internet) into everything we do and every aspect of our daily life. From car dashboards to rental cars – the fun is just getting started.”

And of course the news of the week: wind energy subsidies stay off the cliff:

The Wind Industry Gets to Draw Another Breath - NY Times Green Blog
“Wind not only got an extension of its tax credit in the federal budget compromise, but the rules were also restructured: while the extension runs for only one year, the nature of the deadline has changed. Projects do not need to be finished and feeding electricity to the grid by next New Year’s Eve; construction only needs to be started.”

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