The rent is too damn high, but big data means the power bill isn’t

Kelly S.:

Data and transparency are the first step, but making it actionable and engaging turns information into energy savings.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

You have to love a housing crisis. Rent prices skyrocket, employment decreases, and everyday citizens are left paying the price for both outcomes. If there’s a silver lining to the situation, perhaps it’s that some startups are working hard and using data to ensure we can at least save a few bucks on our power bills.

Empower consumers

The most direct way to do this is to go straight to consumers and let them monitor their power usage so they can change their behavior accordingly. This is where companies such as Wattvision and PlotWatt come into play by connecting to users’ smart meters and displaying energy usage, warnings on thew web and mobile apps. It’s simple information, simply delivered.

Empower utilities to empower consumers

On the other hand, some startups are taking a more-removed approach to reaching consumers by partnering with utility companies, device manufacturers and others to offer…

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